Care is the primary objective of Rivendale Resort, and residents' necessities are attended to by the entire staff, spearheaded by the Directors who are resident within the premises. They endeavour to provide all assistance to ensure that residents lead a healthy, relaxed lifestyle in a friendly environment.

Regular medical services

Rivendale has a doctor visiting on a regular basis, and our resident staff includes a fully qualified nursing sister. We keep track of each resident’s health condition, and medical records are maintained. Our staff are ever mindful of residents’ general health and dietary habits, and ensure that medication is taken properly at the correct time.

We have observed that most of our residents have been able to reduce their medicine intake almost by half, possibly due to the regular mealtimes, care given by our competent staff, and the serene atmosphere.

The medicines required are purchased by the management at no additional cost, and are included in the monthly invoice.

Around-the-clock care

At Rivendale Resort, we understand that each person's physical capabilities reduce with age. For residents who need support to perform their basic ablutions, Rivendale Resort provides full-time attendants who sleeps in the room and provides support for all needs. The attendants are trained to make the residents as comfortable as possible, and to ensure that they are well looked after around the clock.

Emergency care

In emergencies, medical attention is only a phone call away. Our emergency care usually arrives within 30 minutes in an ambulance, with a doctor and staff ready to handle any emergency. When necessary the ambulance will transfer the resident to a private hospital, and Rivendale Resort ensures that the resident is taken care of while the guardians are informed.

Active Living

When residents are active and independent, they are free to lead a normal life, travel, even keep their own vehicle, with the added convenience of being served excellent food with individual tastes in mind, while our staff attend to room and toilet cleaning and the laundry. Active residents can enjoy a flexible, independent way of life, while getting personalized support with life’s daily necessities.


  • Independence with basic support
  • Daily room cleaning and bed-making
  • Personal laundry, including washing, drying and ironing
  • Regular doctor's visits and record keeping
  • Purchase and supervision of medication
  • Qualified Nursing Sister available at all times.

Physically Assisted Living

With the deterioration of physical condition of a resident, Rivendale Resort provides necessary assistance, upto and including help in getting around, dressing, grooming, bathing and personal hygiene. The Doctor visits regularly and keeps track of any medical conditions, we purchase prescribed medication at cost and our staff ensures proper intake of medicine.

Understanding that continuous physical exercise is essential for the resident’s wellbeing, all residents are encouraged to use the paved footpaths and garden areas to engage in mild exercise. Rivendale's extensive gardens and helpful staff will assist an elder towards a healthier life.

Personal care may vary from mild support for basic tasks, to a fulltime caregiver sleep-in during the night, to a full time living-in assistance by a trained caregiver.


  • Escort to and from the dining area
  • Assistance in walking, exercise and bathing
  • Assistance with dressing, grooming and personal hygiene
  • Sleep-in caregiver during the night, who will help in using the toilet and other requirements
  • Ensuring proper medical intake
  • Qualified Nursing Sister available at all times

Invalid Care

When an elder becomes invalid, due to gradual deterioration or due to sudden illness, the Care Home is fully equipped to care for such a person while maintaining privacy and individuality. The elder will be placed in a special head and/or leg raising bed with guard rails and a special mattress. Special feeding tables are used to help feeding in bed, and a commode wheelchair is used to assist the resident's toilet functions. Our toilets are specially designed to allow wheelchair bound wash and bathe in safety.


  • Head and/or leg raising bed with guard rails
  • 24 hour sleep-in caregiver
  • Assistance with dressing, grooming and personal hygiene
  • Washing, cleaning and bathing
  • Change of diapers
  • Assistance in food intake, including special preparations to diet when swallowing becomes difficult
  • Regular turning-over of the elder to prevent bedsores
  • Proper medication by the resident Nursing Sister
  • Emergency care when needed

Short term accommodation

For elders needing a short term stay while recovering after an illness or surgery or when home care is not possible, Rivendale Resort would provide the required care during the recovery period. Whether you want a place to recuperate after a hospital stay or are in need of a safe, friendly environment while your family is out of town, Rivendale Resort can provide a customized solution for your needs.

Our rooms are ready at short notice; give us a call and all you need to bring are your personal items. Enjoy delicious meals in the dining room, mingle with our permanent residents and benefit from housekeeping and laundry services, professional nursing staff and 24-hour emergency response. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.